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Strategic documents

  • EC Communication on the fourth list of Critical Raw Materials: COM (2020) 474
  • EC Communication on the Raw Materials Initiative “Meeting our critical needs for growth and jobs in Europe” – COM(2008)699
  • Study on “Substitutionability of Critical Raw Materials” by the Directorate-General for Internal Policies of the European Parliament – EST76391
  • Creation of a European research network on ore processing and extractive metallurgy – Download
  • European Pilot Plant Network for Extractive Metallurgy and Mineral Processing – Download

Related publications

  • SCRREEN final report – Download here
  • MSP-REFRAM final report – Download here
  • ERECON final report – Download here


Take a look at the presentations from PROMETIA Scientific Seminar past editions!

9th PROMETIA Scientific Seminar – 30 November - 2 December 2022 Barcelona, Spain

1 December 2022 

Everything can be recycled, cost limits – Christer Forsgren, EuRIC

Recycling of passenger and light commercial vehicles – case study The Netherlands – Pieter Kuiper, ARN

Future needs, circular economy and education and training – Yongxiang Yang, TU DELFT

The shredding simulator at Swerim – Mr. Ludvig Ånnhagen and Xianfeng Hu, Swerim

Hazardous gases formed during shredding and possible electrolyte recovery – Dr. Xianfeng Hu, Swerim

Graphite separation: thermal treatment and flotation from lab to pilot scale – Dr. Elsayed Mousa, Swerim & Dr. Jason Yang, GTK

2 December 2022

Recovery of Li and other valuables using pyrometallurgical approaches – Dr. Guozhu Ye, Swerim

Innovative study based on microwave for LIBs recycling – Prof. Elza Bontempi, INSTM

Sustainability analysis of NEXT-LiB – Dr. Antonella Cornelio, INSTM

8th PROMETIA Scientific Seminar – 1-3 December 2021 Seville, Spain

Please note that some presentations are not available in the list below because they contain confidential information. They have also been taken out from the recordings.


1 December 2021

Application of the FrothSense system and Florida 400 system to an online analysis of froth surface and elemental composition for continuous sulfide copper flotation – Alona Nad, GTK

Tailoring the electrowinning for recovery of trace precious metals – Ivan Korolev, GTK

Invited talk – CIME, a new pilot facility in Europe – Bénédicte Morjon, ORANO

Recording 14:00-14:45

Recording 17:00-18:00

2 December 2021

Developments of bioleaching in BRGM and its application to urban mine wastes – Agathe Hubau, BRGM

Zinc recovery from hard to recycle industry wastes – Lucy Smith, MPI

Development of an innovative technology to separate recycled copper cable granulates into red copper (Cu) and tinned copper (CuSn) by the application of the hybrid methods of mechanical separation – Piotr Madej, IMN

Invited talk – Additional influences to criticality: an overview of what is included and what is not in current assessments – Gian Andrea Blengini, POLITO

Invited talk – The EU Critical Raw Materials – Milan Grohol, DG-GROW

Invited talk – Roadmap of WG2 (raw materials and recycling), Battery
Europe – Sonja Nurmi, Aalto University

Measuring technology critical elements in urban mine waste: the case
of Li-ion batteries – Claire Dalencourt, ERAMET

Design of slag system to enhance the lithium recovery from spent lithium-ion batteries – Ludvig Ånnhagen, SWERIM

Recording 09:00 – 10:30

Recording 11.15-12.45

3 December 2021

Invited talk – the limits of recycling – Patrick d’Hugues & Stéphane

LCA of a new lead slag recycling technology – Katarzyna Klejnowska, IMN

Life Cycle Assessment of the production of self-cleaning AlMg3-TiO2 metal matrix composite component. A manufacturing technologies’ comparative – Mario Santiago Herrera, UBU ICCRAM

Recording 09:00-12:30

PROMETIA LCA Webinar - Online 31 August 2021

7th PROMETIA Scientific Seminar – Online 10 December 2020

6th PROMETIA Scientific Seminar – Kristiansand 21-23 October 2019

5th PROMETIA Scientific Seminar – Berlin 13-14 December 2018

Day 1: 13 December 2018

Day 2: 14 December 2018

4th PROMETIA Scientific Seminar – Barcelona 28-29 November 2017

Day 1: 28 November 2017

Day 2: 28 November 2017

3rd PROMETIA Scientific Seminar – Berlin 14-15 December 2016

Day 1: 14 December 2016

Day 2: 15 December 2016

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