The Association

PROMETIA is an international non-profit association that promotes innovation in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy for mining and recycling of raw materials. Its mission is to make raw materials accessible to European industries and citizens.

PROMETIA aims to enhance European technical skills and industrial know-how in raw materials processing, supporting industrial and economic development through the following key actions:

1. Driving innovation in the raw materials sector

  • Developing innovative technological solutions to optimise raw materials & waste treatment
  • Promoting an easier access for industrial partners to the most relevant and competent European R&D teams, services & facilities for up-scaling metallurgical and mineral processes in Europe

2. Promoting exchange & EU Skills in the industry

  • Enhancing EU skills in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy of ores and industrial residues
  • Facilitating the visibility and access of all the partners to various funding opportunities

3. Training the next generation in the sector

  • Organise tech tours and provide students with the opportunity to visit production sites and laboratories involved in all stages of raw material production
  • Give students the opportunity to interact with peers and key players in the industry
  • Raise awareness of important issues among young people in the sector, offer exchange on their projects

4. Supporting the EU’s transition towards a green, digital & resilient economy

  • Promoting the most innovative cutting-edge scientific results from European research teams towards industrial partners
  • Boost the innovation capacity of the EU raw materials related sectors
  • Set a new focus by framing the Annual Scientific Seminar on Responsible Sourcing of Raw Materials or Energy efficiency and CO2 footprint

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