The Association

PROMETIA is an international non-profit association promoting innovation in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy for mining and recycling of raw materials, with the mission of making raw materials accessible for European industries and citizens.

The Association aims to strengthen European technical skills and industrial know-how in raw materials processing and support industrial and economic development by:

  • promoting an easier access for industrial partners to the most relevant and competent European R&D teams as well as to services & facilities for up-scaling metallurgical and mineral processes in Europe
  • promoting the most innovative cutting-edge scientific results from European research teams towards industrial partners
  • facilitating the visibility and access of all the partners to various funding opportunities

Through its activities, PROMETIA will contribute to:

PROMETIA objective innovation

1. Developing innovative technological solutions to optimise raw materials & waste treatment  

Accessing strategic materials is critical. It is therefore essential to extend the knowledge base in processing and extractive metallurgy to optimise the transformation of ore or waste stream into valuable materials.The combination of knowledge and processes will lead to the development of new techniques and offers, which will secure the future supply of raw materials and metals in Europe, and support the development of new activities and companies, e.g. technology providers.

PROMETIA objective EU skills

2. Enhancing EU skills in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy of ores and industrial residues 

Industrial companies cannot afford to employ all of the specialists required to support their activities. However, they need these specialists to exist in Europe and they need to know where to find them. Pooling expertise of research bodies and existing up-scaling facilities in Europe will enable ideas and research to come into industrial use faster.

PROMETIA objective training

3. In the longer term, boosting the innovation capacity of the EU raw materials related sectors

By training a new generation of skilled engineers and metallurgists, the network will contribute to expanding the future European innovation potential. It will strengthen competences by providing access to industrial environments for graduates, post-graduates, other academics and technical staff from industry for practical training and to convert theoretical knowledge into practice.

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