Throwback on PROMETIA’s Tech Tour 2018!

Throwback on PROMETIA’s Tech Tour 2018!

3 days, 3 cities, 5 visits.

22 students and young researchers accepted the challenge proposed by PROMETIA. The 2018 edition of the Tech Tour was held in Belgium on October 8-11.

Following the success in Poland in 2017, PROMETIA gave the opportunity for young students and professionals from Europe to meet and share their experience with their counterparts, along with the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Stéphane Bourg from CEA, and with Christian Ekberg, Professor in industrial materials recycling in Chalmers.

While the profile of the participants was very diverse – from pyrometallurgy, to hydrometallurgy, nuclear reprocessing or mineral processing – this didn’t stop the attendees in discussing and sharing their experience.

Industrial premises (UMICORE, Hydrometal), research centers (CRM Group, KU Leuven), the young generation of the PROMETIA network visited various facilities in the field of mineral processing and materials recycling. Dr. Peter Tom Jones from KU Leuven and his colleagues led the tours of the labs of the Department of Materials Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Not only did the attendees visited the labs but they had the chance to discuss with the passionate researchers of KU Leuven.

Words and impressions of the participants:


PROMETIA tech tour is a great initiative to discover the industrial reality of circular economy in the field of raw materials.    


It was an opportunity to learn and meet other young researchers. I hope to return next year!


The Tech Tour was an extraordinary opportunity to get to visit world-class industrial sites which are usually hard to reach and to get to meet renowned scientists breaking ground in their fields. A huge thank to the organisers! 


This PROMETIA Tech Tour in Belgium was a very enriching  experience ! Not only to get a closer look at both key industries and universities, but it was also a great opportunity to connect with young researchers who tackle the same professional difficulties. 


The Tech Tour was an excellent opportunity to know the reality of indiustial and academic worlds. The possibility to meet young enthusiastic researchers, from different backgrounds, promotes the creation of new networks.


A tour like this will help in creating contacts between the younger and more experienced reserachers as well as giving valuable insights in the existing industry. 


Thank you PROMETIA for giving me the opportunity to learn more about recycling. I highly recommend this tour to any young researcher. We met a lot of interesting people and had fun discovering cutting edge facilities in the mining and recycling industry.


As a first year PhD student, the PROMETIA Tech Tour was a good opportunity to open your mind about what you can do after your PhD and in which companies you could work in. After these three days, we had a good idea about metals recycling. This tour is also good to meet people from all around Europe and to talk about their studies and especially their work.

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