Extraction 2018

Extraction 2018

When: 26-29 August 2018

Where: Ottawa, Canada

Extraction 2018 is a collaborative metallurgy conference focused exclusively on extractive topics, including business and economic issues. This conference will serve as the host for several important recurring symposia in the field, while also offering new programming tracks:

an exploration of marketplace and business issues
a slate of social and networking events
and an industrial exhibition.

Technical symposia for this conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Hydrometallurgy 2018, organized by TMS, MetSoc, and SME
  • Ritcey Symposium, organized by MetSoc
  • Advances in Sulfide Smelting, organized by TMS
  • Sulfide Flotation, organized by SME
  • Critical Materials Production, organized by MetSoc
  • Extractive Metallurgy Markets and Economies, organized by MetSoc, SME, and TMS

As part of that Extraction 2018 Conference, PROMETIA will be represented by :

– Stéphane Bourg from CEA

– Yongxiang Yang from TU Delft

– Lena Sundqvist from MEFOS

– Christian Ekberg from Chalmers

– Andrzej Chmielarz from IMN

If you want to know more about the Association, don’t hesitate to come to our stall!

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