Why are raw materials so important for our society? – SCRREEN video

Why are raw materials so important for our society? – SCRREEN video

Learn more about the role raw materials play in our everyday life, understand better the notion of criticality and find out what the EU is doing to ensure reliable and unhindered access to raw materials by watching SCRREEN’s video below.

This video is part of SCRREEN2 multilingual communication campaign on raw materials that aims at informing the general public, as well as professional audiences, about their importance in our everyday life and on the role they will have to play in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the EU. The campaign addresses different matters related to raw materials: the notion of criticality for achieving the EU’s ambitions and how the list of critical raw materials is elaborated every three years by the European Commission, the contribution of raw materials to SDGs, the importance of raw materials for the green transition, etc.

Check out the Raw Materials for Future campaign here.

SCRREEN2, EU-funded project in which PROMETIA is involved, aims to support the European CRM strategy and bring expert advice to assist decision-making at the EU level covering all the raw materials and their value chains screened in the CRMs 2020 assessment. The project, launched on 1 November 2020 and coordinated by CEA, comprises 29 recognised key actors on the topics of primary and secondary CRMs as well as on the substitution of CRMs.

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