An overview of the current and future state of the mining and recycling sectors

An overview of the current and future state of the mining and recycling sectors

PROMETIA 9th Scientific Seminar

From 30 November to 2 December 2022 the PROMETIA community came together in Barcelona to discuss trends and present research work and innovative studies that can help the mining and recycling industries move forward. The 2022 edition of the PROMETIA Scientific Seminar featured presentations by senior experts on the topics of mining and recycling, as well as the Novel Circular Economic Approaches for Efficient Extraction of Valuables from Spend Li-Ion Batteries (NEXT-LIB) ERA-MIN project workshop.

PROMETIA Scientific Seminar 2022 attendees

Stéphane Bourg (BRGM) kicked off the seminar with an overview of Horizon Europe calls relevant to the scope of the association’s work. Bourg presented the main information of the different cluster calls and introduced the new Horizon Europe lump sum grant model to attendees. This introduction to Horizon Europe calls was followed by senior experts presentations on critical raw materials, recycling and mining decarbonisation. The presentations on raw materials focused on lithium and rare earths, analysing both the current situation and the future perspectives. Presentations on the topic of recycling covered aspects such as the costs, the know-how of recycling from nuclear to battery and the recycling of vehicles.

Throwback to PROMETIA Tech Tour 2022
The PROMETIA Seminar was the occasion for Nils Zachmann and Léa Rouquette from Chalmers University of Technology and Andrea Carlino from Politecnico di Torino to share their experience as participants in the PROMETIA Tech Tour 2022 that took place in June in Sweden.

PROMETIA Tech Tour taking place every year is an opportunity to students and young researchers from Europe to meet and share experiences in fields such as raw materials, mining, recycling and metallurgy. Participants get the opportunity to visit different facilities and exchange with their peers on these topics.

NEXT-LIB project workshop
This year the PROMETIA Seminar was organised in collaboration with the NEXT-LIB project that works on a sustainable, low-cost solution with low environmental impact for Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs) recycling. The workshop was divided into four sessions: Spent LIBs Materials & Characterization, Thermal Treatment & Graphique Separation, LIBs Recycling from the Industrial Perspective and Metal Extraction and Sustainability.

The seminar audience was very diverse with representatives from industry, piloting facilities, research organisations, academia and SMEs, as well as very participative. There were questions after each presentation which allowed fruitful information exchanges and debates that continued over the coffee breaks.

A new President, Vice President and ExCom Chairman for PROMETIA
The 9th edition of the PROMETIA General Assembly, held during the Seminar, elected Stéphane Bourg (BRGM) as President of the Association, Alexandra Ribeiro (FCT NOVA) as Vice President and Patrick d’Hugues (BRGM) as ExCom Chairman. PROMETIA thanked Andrzej Chmielarz (IMN), Marion Lenoir (Eramet) and Stéphane Bourg (BRGM) for their involvement and commitment as President, Vice President and ExCom Chairman of the Association during these past years.

PROMETIA President Stéphane Bourg, PROMETIA Vice President Alexandra Ribeiro and PROMETIA ExCom Chairman Patrick d’Hugues
PROMETIA President Stéphane Bourg and PROMETIA Vice President Alexandra Ribeiro

The PROMETIA Seminar public presentations are available on the resources page. The event photo gallery is available below.

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