5th Scientific Seminar: presentations available

5th Scientific Seminar: presentations available

The annual PROMETIA Scientific Seminar was held on 13-14 December 2018 in Berlin, Germany, and focused on “Circular Economy” and combined both the industry and R&D vision/perspective.


Day 1: 13 December 2018

Introduction – President, Vice-President and Chairman
Circular Economy and Raw Material in the EU – Maria Nyberg, DG GROW
METNET – the Pilot Network – Marianne Magnelöv, MEFOS
Open innovation as key tool for implementing circular economy based solutions -Marta Macias, CTA
Secondary materials and circular economy – PROSUM, Susanne Rotter
Rare earth occurrences in phosphate rock processing – Jason Yang, GTK
A geometallurgical study for the enrichment process improvement of a heavy sand concentrate – Arthur Delaporte, ERAMET
IRTC – International Round Table on Materials Criticality – Alessandra Hool, ESM
Natural stone muds as secondary raw materials: towards a new sustainable recovery process – Rossana Bellopede, POLITO
Extracting value for aluminium production waste – Abdoulaye Maihatchi, EXTRACTHIVE
Metal recovery from secondary sources through biolixiviation as key step – Frederic Clarens, CTM
CERES Project (treatment of electronic waste using biotechnology) – Patrick d’Hugues, BRGM
Recycling of NiMH and Li-ion batteries – Andrzej Chmielarz, IMN
The REPUTER project for Ni-MH battery recycling – Eugen Andreiadis, CEA
Leaching of valuable elements from spent Ni-MH batteries in HCl-H2O media – Margot Zielinski, LGC
Pyrometallurgy in battery recycling – Guozhu Ye, MEFOS
Extractive metallurgy for innovative recycling – examples of research at Chalmers University of Technology – Christian Ekberg, Chalmers

Day 2: 14 December 2018

Concept for improving the energy-efficiency of vacuum filtration processes – Antti Hakkinen, LUT
Palladium recovery from wastes, from fundamental studies to applications – Damien Bourgeois, ICSM
Phosphorous management and circular economy – Christian Kabbe, Isleutilities
CIRRUS for long-life learning – Lena Sundqvist Ökvist, MEFOS, CIRRUS
SSID proposal – Alicia Valero, CIRCE
CICERONE – Antoine Monnet, LGI
ERAMIN 2 – new call for projects
Conclusive remarks – Patrice Christmann


The programme is available >>> HERE

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