MEC2017, Wisła, 20-23 September 2017

MEC2017, Wisła, 20-23 September 2017

MEC2017 is the second joined conference, consisting of XIII International Conference on Non-Ferrous Ore Processing, XXII International Conference of Mineral Processing and LIV Symposium of Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing.

The annual meeting is aimed at promotion of effective collaboration between business and academia. You will have a great opportunity to present and discuss theoretical ideas and their practical applications in all aspects of mineral processing and coal preparation. The conference will cover the following topics:

  • Advanced mineralogy
  • Automation and control of processes
  • Innovative construction of processing equipment
  • Mineralogical separations (magnetic, electric, gravity separations and  flotation, coagulation, agglomeration, comminution, screening, dewatering, drying, sampling etc.)
  • Hydro- and biohydrometallurgy
  • Modification of minerals properties
  • Recycling and mineral waste
  • Environmental aspects of mineral processing.

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