PROMETIA active at the EU Raw Materials week

PROMETIA active at the EU Raw Materials week

PROMETIA was very busy last week!

The week kicked off on Monday 28 November with the 3rd MSP-REFRAM workshop that addressed the potential limitations and barriers to the implementation of innovative refractory metals value chains. The most challenging issue seems to be primary mining with varying contexts from one country to another, both on policy and societal aspects. Developing “green mining”, including mineral processing and extractive metallurgy idsof paramount importance to re-develop this sector in Europe.

On Tuesday, Stéphane Bourg was invited by DG-GROW to present PROMETIA and its activities to the EU-US-Japan trilateral conference on critical materials. In his introduction, Gwenole Cozigou (Director of Industrial Transformation and Advanced Value Chains, DG Growth) presented SCRREEN as a key network for developing the CRM strategy in Europe.

On Thursday evening, Stephane Bourg  and Patrick D’Hugues represented PROMETIA at the launch event of ERAMIN-2, an ERA-NET Cofund supported by PROMETIA.

On Friday morning, Stéphane Bourg attended the ERAMIN-2 Advisory Board meeting,  as PROMETIA is a permanent member of this Advisory Board. Defining the topics for the calls were specifically discussed during this board meeting. ERA-MIN-2 will support research on Raw Materials in the circular economy. The first call will be published in the first quarter of 2017.

From Tuesday to Friday, many PROMETIA members attended the numerous side events organised during the Raw Materials week:

  • “Social Licence to Operate – Re-connecting Raw  Materials with Society”
  • “ETP SMR General Meeting”
  • “EIT Raw Materials – Education strengthening raw materials sector”
  • “Horizon 2020, EIT Raw Materials and ERA-MIN 2 Information and Brokerage event”
  • “Clustering meeting on substitution” organised by EASME

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