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Fifth PROMETIA Scientific Seminar - Berlin, 13-14 December 2018

Fifth PROMETIA Scientific Seminar – Berlin 13-14 December 2018

Day 1: 13 December 2018

Day 2: 14 December 2018


Fourth PROMETIA Scientific Seminar  - Barcelona, 28-29 November 2017

Day 1: 28 November 2017

Welcome – introduction – Christophe POINSSOT, Stéphane BOURG, PROMETIA
The need for process flexibility and adaptability in view of growing technological volatility, Patrice Christmann
The Swirl reactor, Dag Øistein Eriksen
Designing a mobile prototype toward minimizing risks in mining industry Monique le Guen, ERAMET
Development of flexible processes to promote small scale mining, an update from the H2020 Imp@ct project Vanessa Amaral, Extracthive
Metals recovery from zinc streams Justin Salminen, BOLIDEN
Zinc smelter leach products valorisation Xavier Constant, NYRSTAR
Flexibility in raw materials processing Maurits Van Camp, UMICORE
Towards Decoupling Europe from Platinum Group Metals Supply Risk for the Automotive Sector Iakovos Yakoumis, Monolithos Ltd.
Flexible and efficient Hydrometallurgical recycling of Li-Ion batteries of different chemistry Gabriele Lombardo, Chalmers
METGROW+ approach to flexible raw material production Päivi Kinnunen, VTT
The HydroWEEE strategy: a case study of efficient flexibility for the recovery of critical metals Francesca Beolchini, ECORECYCLING
Recycling of REE and strategic metals  from WEEE Nour-Eddine Menad, BRGM
Recovery of rare earths from phosphate ore processing residue Jason Yang, GTK
Light house programs EIT-RawMaterials including raw material flexibility Laurence Lamm, EIT-RM

Day 2: 29 November 2017

Development of nanocomposite materials for the recovery of Cesium and Uranium Frédéric Clarens, CTM
ITERAMS: more efficient water recycling at the mining sites and the valorization of the solid waste residues Kari Heiskanen, OUTOTEC
Classification of bauxite residue Antti Häkkinen, LUT
Process operation and monitoring aided by qualified process model Amandine Duterme, CEA
Raw material flexibility in the Elkem production processes Gro Eide, ELKEM
Towards a future research activity in Castilla y Leon in raw materials, and advanced technologies for materials science. Santiago Cuesta, ICAMCyL
Metal Mining Strategy in Castilla y León Pedro Acebes, CARTIF
METNET Marianne Magnelöv, MEFOS

Third PROMETIA Scientific Seminar  - Berlin, 14-15 December 2016

Day 1: 14 December 2016

Welcome – introduction – MSP-REFRAM, SCRREEN Christophe POINSSOT, Stéphane BOURG, PROMETIA
Advances in minerals exploration research Joe CUCUZZA, AMIRA
INTRAW, MICA, Minatura2020 Eberhard FALK, MINPOL
SteP: Solving the E-Waste Problem Initiative Otmar DEUBZER, UNU,
TravelEx – a travelling exhibition about the importance of raw material to a Wider Society Learning and public awareness Jose KULLBERG, CENSE
PROSUM – Prospecting Secondary raw materials in the Urban mine and Mining wastes Perrine CHANCEREL, TU Berlin
SMART GROUND – data collection and integration platform for secondary raw materials Marco de la FELD, ENCO Consulting
NEW_InnoNet, Bottleneck analysis of end-of-life waste recycling John BACHER, VTT
CEReS: Co-processing of Coal Mine and Electronic Wastes: Novel
REE4EU and METGROW+, strategies for optimized process development in the raw material areas Marta MACIAS, IDENER
GO-4-0, From iron and manganese oxides wastes to valuable metal alloys using novel carbon sources materials Jean-Michel MILAZZO, ERAMET
Flexinject and others, Recycling – to consume in-plant fines with benefits for the process Lena SUNDQVIST, MEFOS
Recovery of metals from low grade primary and secondary resources – IMN experience Andrzej CHMIELARZ, IMN
EXTRAVAN – Innovative EXTRAction and management of VANadium from high vanadium iron concentrate and steel slags Guozhu YE, MEFOS
PANEL: R&D perspective related to PROMETIA activities after 2017 – Presentation P. ChristmannPresentation H. Grünewald

Day 2: 15 December 2016

Waste to value (Norwegian project) Gro EIDE, ELKEM
SCALE, Rare earth elements and scandium production from bauxite residues Thymis BALOMENOS, NTUA
Studies on mineralogy and beneficiation of European REE ores Jason YANG, GTK
Lessons learned from experience about the merits and pitfalls of thermodynamic modelling for leaching process design (ANR CARMEX) Florent BOURGEOIS, LGC
Main outputs of the RARE3 project Joris ROOSEN, LEUVEN
AMDREY, Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Acid Mine Drainage Daniel MEYER, ICSM
Education and training initiatives: Thomas ZEMB, ICSM & H-J. Bart, ICSM

First PROMETIA Scientific Seminar  - Marcoule, 17 December 2014


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